Publicado por el 1/12/2021

To the south you will find the river Guadalquivir, to the west the Royal Stables and San Basilio […]

Publicado por el 20/12/2019

Congratulations to the Medina Azahara Archaeological Complex for being named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Without a […]

Publicado por el 20/12/2019

Santa María de Trassierra The beauty of the historic centre of the city of Córdoba is recognised by […]

Publicado por el 28/11/2018

VISIT TO THE FERNANDINE CHURCHES OF CORDOBA On the occasion of the inauguration of the “Route of the […]

Publicado por el 19/08/2018

Last January, the 26th, our colleague Luis Larrea  was interviewed by the Radio Televisión Española team, with the aim of reporting […]

Publicado por el 19/08/2018

Almost everybody knows that the most important part of a house in the city of Córdoba is their […]

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