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“There are two ways to visit Cordoba, coming to see it or coming to immerse yourself in it. Both ways are worthwhile and satisfying, but perhaps the second one can leave a more lasting and richer memory for our visitors.”

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Cordoba is one of the most beautiful and recognisable cities in the world. Its multicultural past is Arabic, Christian, and Jewish, but Cordoba is also Roman and modern. In order to understand Cordoba in depth, there is nothing better than a tour of the city. That way, in one visit, you can share in the love for this region with a person trained in the city to show the city.

Guided Tours of Cordoba

There are two ways to visit Cordoba, coming to see it or coming to immerse yourself in it. Both ways are worthwhile and satisfying, but perhaps the second one can leave a more lasting and richer memory for our visitors. As such, we offer routes that help you to get to know the city in depth. Some of our best tours through the city are:

The Historic centre of Cordoba: a journey from the most famous feature, La Mezquita, to the patios, plazas, and side streets.

The three cultures: discovering the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim legacies of Cordoba in depth.

Guided tours around the province of Cordoba

If the city of Cordoba offers many attractions, the rest of the province promises even more. The Medina Azahara alone is worth a visit. As experts in the field of tourism in Cordoba, we know the importance and beauty of the palatial city ordered to be built by Abd-al-Rahman III. The grandeur of the city shows the political and economic importance achieved by the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba.

Guided tours in Cordoba

Often, you can fall into the error of believing that, since it is famous, it is easy to do a tour in a city like Cordoba. Buildings like the Mosque are well known and there are many publications about them. So why pay to have a guided tour? The answer is simple: a guide offers us knowledge and experiences that are not included in the books…

The experience of having explored every corner of the city. We know which places will attract the attention of the visitor, beyond the great monuments. Getting to know a city means walking though its streets, speaking with its people, going to the most local places and avoiding the most crowded and touristy ones.

A guided tour of Cordoba with a specialist lets you do this and much more. It allows you to live and breathe the city, not just pass through.

Tour through Cordoba

The city and province of Cordoba offer visitors a wide variety of options to enjoy. But, quite often, the tours offered are limited to the most famous features. These are the features that, no matter where the visitor is from, are easily identifiable.

But to carry out a tour, far richer content is necessary. A guide should help the visitor to get to know the area in depth; to live it and not just pass through; visiting the places that do not appear in the travel guides.



To the south you will find the river Guadalquivir, to the west the Royal Stables and San Basilio Neighborhood (formerly the Antiguo Corral de los Ballesteros and Alcázar Viejo), to the north the old Jewish Quarter and to the east the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. This is the location of the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs, […]

Santa María de Trassierra

Santa María de Trassierra The beauty of the historic centre of the city of Córdoba is recognised by everyone, with our unmatched Mosque-Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter, the plazas and patios. The historic centre has a great wealth of monuments, conserving traces of the Roman, Arabic and Christian periods, with it having been declared a UNESCO […]


VISIT TO THE FERNANDINE CHURCHES OF CORDOBA On the occasion of the inauguration of the “Route of the Fernandine Churches”, we are going to create a visit to the main neighbourhoods of Córdoba, including the most important monument of the city, the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. But first, I will explain what the Fernandine Churches are. […]

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