Almost everybody knows that the most important part of a house in the city of Córdoba is their Patio.

Not only is it a fundamental element for acclimatising the outbuildings of the house, but also as a place of recollection and tranquility. There is no doubt that the most important part of the decoration is the flowers.

Last year, we were lucky in that we were able to witness how Córdoba enjoyed their new Flower Festival. It was not held in the month of May, like we’re used to. It was held in the month of October, in which the International Festival of Contemporary Floral Art was celebrated. It brought together 8 international flower artists, in eight emblematic buildings of the city. In this initial event, the artists worked under the common title of “The Paradise.”

On this occasion, it was different to see that it was not neighbours’ houses, the usual old yards, decorated with floral architecture,
but, places that are home to much of Córdoba’s history, like the Posada del Potro, the Archelogical Museum, or the houses of the distinguished Luis de Góngora and Argote, amongst others.
On this occasion, the American couple Natasha and Daniel won first prize, with their display entitled “Duende” (Goblin).

This year, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the works of these five flower architects. From the 19th to the 28th of October 2018. They will leave their marks on 5 places yet to be named. The common theme will be “Juego” (Game). We will see each artists interpretation of this term, and how they will reflect this in each of the areas.

There will be two prizes awarded by a jury, the first of 30,000 Euros and the second 10,000. A third prize will be awarded, given by the public.
It is very important to note that visiting will be free. From here, we must encourage you to enjoy this unique experience in the Cordoban autumn.

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