“I think that there are two ways to visit Cordoba: Coming to see it or coming to immerse yourself in it. Both ways are worthwhile and satisfying, but perhaps the second one can leave a more lasting and richer memory for our visitors.

It’s both easy and difficult to talk about Cordoba. Easy, because there are thousands of things to mention and visit; difficult, because you have to know how to choose the best out of that selection.

You have to talk about the history, culture, art, religion, customs, mysteries and monuments. You have to talk about its priceless inheritance and a present that embodies everything that precedes it. You have to mention the heroes, philosophers, kings and artists, and you have to talk about the local people.

Walking around Cordoba is a unique experience. All your senses are unavoidably stimulated by the exciting combination of aromas, views, flavours, stones and sounds and, as we have said, its incomparable silence.

Cordoba is the fruit of the coexistence of the most contrasting civilizations, cultures, and religions. They all knew how to live here, and what is more extraordinary is that they knew how to live together. Each of the civilizations unfolded here, relating to and understanding each other, and they have left us this wonderful city, that we can now enjoy.”


I want you to see me as your interpreter and guide for Cordoba. Throughout my years of experience I have received the following qualifications which ensure you have a unique and special tour:

  • Business Technician in Tourist Activities. School of Tourism in Cordoba.
  • Certification Registry for Directors of Tourist Company Establishments.
  • Interpreter Guide Certification for English and French Tourism. Council of Andalusia.
  • Member of A.P.I.T. Professional Association of Tourist Guides in Cordoba.
  • Feature Member – Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters.
  • SICTED Member – Destination Quality System.
  • Halal Certification.


Throughout your tour you will have a radio-guide. This is a wireless audio transmitter system that lets you enjoy the different monuments and outdoor areas in comfort and without interference from other groups around you.

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