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Córdoba has one of the largest historic centres in Spain. Within this, there are many houses with corresponding patios, Whether in the Roman Domus (House), with its atrium and impluvium, or the Andalusian house with hallway or entrance hall. They lead us to the patio, this being the main element of a house in Córdoba.

On our tour we will enter a network of whitewashed streets. The structure of the houses will leave you surprised with the simplicity of their walls in contrast to the beauty of the interior, and in each of their corners, you will enjoy an immense variety of flowers such as jasmine, geraniums, fuschias and bougainvilleas.
We will also see water wells, which supply water to the thousands of pots hanging on the walls.

The Alcázar (fortress)

Walk through the same site where the Catholic Monarchs resided for 8 years, Mosaics will be very rewarding and unforgettable.

It was constructed in 1328, the year in which King Alfonso XI joined this construction to another one called “Alcázar del Rey” (Fortress of the King). It is known that in 1313, some monks of the Convent of the Augustinians were established here, and in 1328 they would be moved to the Church of Saint Augustine.

These Arabic baths, or hammam, from the 10th century in Cordoba are located within the Alcazar structure. They are a descendant of Roman Baths, with different rooms for cold, warm, and hot water.

They were built by the caliph Alhaken II, at a time when the city had hundreds of baths to serve a population of a few hundred thousand.
These Arabic baths, or hammam, were possibly the most important ones in the city. Ablutions and bodily cleansing prior to prayer, with the use of the cork tree (cork sandals), were an essential part of Muslim life. At the same time, it was one of the main social and leisure activities in the society of those times.



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Plaza Santa Catalina (Magistral González Francés Street)

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