The House of Sepharad is a museum and cultural centre opened to the public in 2006. Inside you have the opportunity to view Sephadic culture, history, and traditions. It is located in an old Jewish house from the 14th century in the heart of the Jewish Quarter and just in front of the Synagogue of Cordoba.

The museum brings the Jewish past to life and explores the Judeo-Spanish and Sephardic identity of this country.

In the case of my city, it was a place of gathering and prosperity for the Jews. Under the Caliphate, they were allowed to continue their rites and traditions. This coexistence between religions allowed an economic and social boom. The Jews also obtained important positions in the administration, such as Hasday Ibn Shaprut, Prime Minister of the Umayyad Caliphate of Abdarrahman III. We cannot forget that Cordoba was the birthplace of the philosopher and doctor Maimonides, whose statue can be viewed close to this site.

Its rooms contain a unique collection of articles and objects from very diverse places across the Mediterranean where the Sephardic communities settled during the diaspora (Fez, Tetuan, Oran, Tunisia, Alexandria, İzmir, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Istanbul.)

The rooms surrounding the central courtyard narrate Spanish Jewish history, focusing on topics such as domestic life, women in Al-Andalus, Jewish celebrations and festivities, and the traditions of Sephardic music.

On the second floor there is an interpretive exhibition on the synagogue, together with rooms dedicated to the philosopher Maimonides and the Inquisition. The House of Sepharad is a cultural centre for Sephardic Jewish heritage.

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