Cordoba has one of the largest historic centres in Spain. Within this, there are many houses with corresponding patios, Whether in the Roman Domus (House), with its atrium and impluvium, or the Andalusian house with hallway or entrance hall. They lead us to the patio, this being the main element of a house in Cordoba.

On our tour we will enter a network of whitewashed streets. The structure of the houses will leave you surprised with the simplicity of their walls in contrast to the beauty of the interior, and in each of their corners, you will enjoy an immense variety of flowers such as jasmine, geraniums, fuschias and bougainvilleas.

We will also see water wells, which supply water to the thousands of pots hanging on the walls.

From late 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, their owners shared kitchen stoves, basins for washing clothes and latrines. The patios hold the essence of this city, within them our traditions are maintained.

Note the Patio and Gate Competition, celebrated in May. The owners open their treasures up to the public for two months. The participating houses are categorised according to their modern or old architecture.

Each patio is unique and has its own individual identity. This tour will give us the opportunity to see very different houses.

In 2012, the Patio Festival of Cordoba was declared a World Cultural Heritage site, thus further increasing the value of these treasures.

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