On this tour, we discover the Heritage of the City of Cordoba, exhibited in different museums, including the Archaeological Museum, installed in 1960 in the Renaissance Palace of the Páez de Castillejo. Here we can admire Iberian and Roman pieces, part of the grandstand of a theater from Roman times, as well as pieces from the Muslim period, such as oil lamps, fonts, bowls, etc.

We will visit the house-museum of the famous Cordoban painter Julio Romero de Torres, located in the Plaza del Potro, which opened in 1931. At this point, we will also have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, which is the oldest museum in the city, dating from 1884, located in what was the Hospital de la Caridad (Charity Hospital), founded by the Catholic Monarchs. Amongst its collection, we can admire renaissance, baroque, and modern Cordoban art, on canvas and in sculpture.

Finally, we will visit the Baths of the Caliphate Alcázar of Cordoba, where we can observe the palatial architecture constructed for use by emirs and caliphs. They date from the 10th century, and are located in the centre of the old Caliphate Alcázar. We will discover that their use was indispensable for the development of daily life in the city.

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