During our guided visit to Mosque of Cordoba, the most important monument in the city, which represents a great part of our history, we must pay attention to the fusion of cultures and architectural styles that we will have before us. These range from Cordoba’s Roman past and the materials brought in or reused for the construction of the foundational mosque, to the Visigoth period with the Basilica of Saint Vincent, and the Umayyad dynasty with the figure of Abdarrahman I who created the Aljama Mosque, and finally to the reconquest of the city by Fernando III the Saint who ordered its consecration to Christian worship and the later construction of the Cathedral.

Guided Visit Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba

We will learn why it became one of a kind. It is a structure that represents and symbolizes a great number of things. A forest of columns will open out before you like a labrynth, but as we progress through the visit it will become a visual guide of itself and what it represents today.

We shall discovery the evolution of this monument, from the uniformity of the construction of the Islamic oratory to the great knowledge of the Christian architects, the Hernán Ruiz dynasty and Juan de Ochoa in reusing the structure of the Mezquita for the construction of the Cathedral.

Moving through centuries of history, we will think about how each has contributed to its grandeur. And the result of this will be an understanding of why it represents the history of this city and why it is one of a kind.

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