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The oil tasting consists of capturing the senses, virtues, and imperfections of oil to establish its quality. It will be an unparalleled experience,

The different processes are listed below.

  1. -Resources for the Oil Tasting

– Glass cup (standard) in red or blue to avoid altering the colour of the oil.

-Around 25ml is poured into the cup. of oil.

– This oil must be served at about 28 degrees centigrade so that    the volatile components appear in their rightful measure.

  1. – Setting

Ventilated room

Room temperature, neither hot nor cold.

Avoid the use of perfumes between attendees.

Avoid possible external noises (so as not to lose concentration).

  1. Tasting Method

– Once the oil is poured into the cup, heat in your own hands (ambient temperature 28 degrees centigrade)

– Smelling phase (first phase), smell the content of the cup for no longer than ten seconds, in a slow and prolonged manner.

Sips of around 3ml. (rinse the mouth, sip)

– Identify positive official attributes, fruity, spicy, and bitter

– Identify negative official imperfections,  contaminated/impurities, musty/dry, wine-like/vinegar-like, metallic, and rancid.

– In the second phase, the oils may be tasted orally, playing on the senses, taste, touch, and smell again, although now through the aftertaste. Therefore we drink a small quantity of oil and the sweetness of the oil will be determined (when the liquid enters, nothing harsh nor astringent. After the bitter taste has been detected, which appears on the sides of the tongue, until it reaches the throat where the spiciness is felt, being a tactile sensation.

Finally, we will note the aftertaste which confirms what we sensed nasally.


45 Minutes

starting point

Meeting point: Oleoteca

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