Congratulations to the Medina Azahara Archaeological Complex

Congratulations to the Medina Azahara Archaeological Complex

Congratulations to the Medina Azahara Archaeological Complex for being named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Without a doubt, this is an important achievement after numerous years of non-stop discussion.

The granting of this certification will give strength to those who have the privilege of showing foreign and local visitors the ins and outs of the archaeological complex.

In this incomparable setting, at the first foothills of the Sierra Morena, 8km from Córdoba (7km from the road Carretera 431 Almodóvar), we find the remains of what was a palatine city of the first Umayyad caliph in Al-Ándalus, Abd-al Rahman III.

Its brief history stretches back to its construction, beginning in 936, until it was destroyed in 1013. After excavating, we can imagine the colossal magnitude and importance of the Caliphal power in 10th century Al-Andalus. It serves as a reference point for the civilisation existing at that time, as a symbol of power.
Until September the 15th, night visits to the archaeological site will be possible (the museum is closed for these visits).

Tuesdays to Saturday, not public holidays.
The opening hours will be 19.00 to 24.00.
Last entrance at 23.00.
Note: Abd al-Rahman III room closed.
Free for C.E.E. citizens/ 1.50 euro shuttle for everyone else/car park-site transfer:
Adults 2.50.-euros.
Children from 5 to 12 years 1.50.-euros.
Pensioners 1.50.-euros.
Bus to Medina Azahara (from Córdoba – Paseo de la Victoria).
Night : leaves at 21.00.
returns at 23.15.
Tuesday to Saturday, not public holidays.
Price : 9.-euros (including shuttle/transfer).

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